About our company

BME ITS Nonprofit Zrt. brief history:

  • The 100% exclusive owner of BME ITS Nonprofit Zrt. (hereinafter: BME ITS) is the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), so the indirect owner of the company is the Hungarian State.
  • BME, founded in 1782, is one of the largest higher education institutes in Central Europe in the field of engineering. Since 1951, the Faculty of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering has been training engineers specializing in transportation and vehicles.
  • BME ITS was initiated by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering, and its establishment was approved by the BME Senate meeting in April 2013. The registration in the company court in December 2013 was preceded by the approval of the Ministry of National Resources as the university's custodian.
  • At the foundation of BME ITS it was an important aspect that BME could participate in as many projects as possible, and in accordance with the profile of the founding Faculty, the colleagues of the Faculty (instructors, researchers) could participate in these activities.
  • BME ITS profiles are consultancy and conformity assessment, therefore, in accordance with the relevant conformity assessment and quality management standards and legislation, its conformity assessment activities are carried out by a completely independent Conformity Assessment Body.
  • BME ITS has access to the entire human resources staff of the university. BME ITS employees are thus able to contribute as experts and conduct research in areas such as transportation, vehicle technology, logistics, civil engineering, electronics, and various sectors of transportation.

Basic activites of BME ITS:

  1. Conformity assessment activity in accordance with Act CXXXIII of 2009 on the activities of conformity assessment organizations and risk assessment activities on the designation of risk assessment organizations, based on Government Decree 390/2020 (VIII. 12.) on the detailed rules for the activities of risk assessment organizations.
  2. Professional consulting and expert activity requiring excellent professional knowledge (Professional consulting activity).

Main goal of BME ITS:

  1. Participation in complex projects related to transportation development.
  2. Carrying out conformity control and risk assessment activities in relation to railway facilities according to EU and domestic regulations.
  3. Carrying out specialist consulting and expert activities that require excellent professional knowledge, particularly providing complex transport development advice.
  4. Carrying out tasks related to educational and scientific expert activities in the training and scientific fields belonging to the BME, railway conformity assessment activities, as well as other - administrative, system organization and project management - activities related to these fields.

Company Data

The name of the company is
BME ITS Transport and Vehicle Systems Nonprofit Private Limited Liability Company

Abbreviated name of the company is

Company registration number

Statistical ID

Tax number

The seat of the company is
1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rakpart 3.

The company is founded by
the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The company's activities

  • Railway certification
  • Consultancy

BME ITS officers:

Csaba Zsolt HORVÁTH

CFO, Head of Consultancy

Managing Director, Head of Railway Certification

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Dr. István Berta
  • Members of the Supervisory Board:
    • Dr. László Ruppert
    • György Jenőfi

BME ITS organizational chart: